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Aerobic Fermentor Robust

Technical parameters of aerobic fermentor

Dimensions: L x W x H : 2991 x 2438 x 2591mm

Empty container weight: cca 2,5 t

Heat insulated workspace, volume : 5 m3

Maximum density of load: 500 kg/m3

Maximum weight of load: 5 t

Power input: 10 kWel; maximum concurrent inputs : 8 kWel, 400 V/ 50Hz

Operating modes: manual, semi automatic and automatic (PLC, tablets, remote management)

Safety features (STOP button, signaling, cover protection)

High resistance to solid parts (stones) up to size 45x45x45mm and other components up to 25x25x160mm

Easy transportation (after dismantling hoppers and chimney and placing it in the engine room)

Fast commissioning after a simple installation hoppers and chimney and connecting to 400 V

Operating parameters of aerobic fermentor

Maximum loading time with continuous supply of material : 20 min

Maximum unloading time with continuous removal of material : 20 min

Processing time for common organic materials : 48-60 hours

Processing time for problematic organic materials : 60-72 hours

Possibility of setting modes of operation including the interval of turning over the material, parameters of aeration etc.

Spontaneous start of the fermentation process from 20% of the volume of the pile (1 m3)

Possibility of gradual loading of material into the fermentor

Loads per year: 100

Processed volume: 500 m3/year; with density 400 kg/m3: 200 t/year





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