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EWA - Ecological Waste Apparatus


EWA is an original apparatus designed for ecological processing of biodegradable waste, including the sludges from wastewater treatment plants and animal by-products. On the market today, EWA is the most advanced in-vessel fermenter with 100% guaranteed sanitation of the whole load.

An original, patented solution of turning the load in combination with rotary cultivators, a system of air injectors and processes monitoring ensure optimal conditions for good bacteria to reproduce. The whole process of fermentation is shortened to minimum with maximum effect.

EWA can process the widest range of biodegradable waste.

The output material (fermentate) is either fresh compost, a high-grade compost or biofuel.

The controlled process of fermentation produces heat inside the machine, so there is no need for external source heat.

EWA is the most effective technology for BDW processing on the market today.

EWA is fully accredited as Best Available Technologies (BAT) under the Czech Environmental Information Agency (CENIA) is an organization of the Ministry of Environment

EWA become essential at operations, where legislation regulates sanitation of organic waste or where it is desirable to become zero waste.

Suitable to operations and environments where is beneficial:

  • Noise assessment or scheme for the prevention of odor
  • The speed of the process
  • Landscape and Visual Assessment

Compost is suitable for:

  • agriculture
  • horticulture
  • land regeneration / reclamation
  • landscaping



  • Turns waste to a revenue stream
  • Short process < 48 hours
  • EWA controls and records the process
  • Remote process monitoring (internet)
  • Round year cycle (even in winter)
  • Meets category 3 ABPR regulations - (EC) No 1069/2009
  • Odour free / wastewater free
  • Flexibility - easy transportation and installation
  • Suitable for various types of organic waste (e.g., odorous biosolids & food)


Organic waste is shredded and prepared into an appropriate homogenized mix. The mixture is loaded by build-in loading/unloading belt conveyor into a fully enclosed and thermally isolated reactor. EWA continuously monitors ongoing biological processes and starts aeration or turning mechanism if biological activity decreases. EWA is equipped to send a constant stream of data back to the central control computer. The whole process is automated and remotely-monitored.

Over a period of approximately 48 hours, the temperatures of 70°C are achieved and sustained for the required time.

EWA sanitizes and deodorizes the organic waste meeting full category 3 ABPR regulations (Animal By-Products Regulations). The procedure takes less than 48 hours and the destruction of weed-seeds, pathogens and decomposition takes effect in a controlled, managed environment to ensure all EU composting standards are met.



The process is easy:

  1. mix and shred (various kinds of) organic waste
  2. load the mixture inside EWA by build-in belt conveyor
  3. leave the mixture for 24-48 hours in the thermally isolated chamber
  4. unload "fresh compost"
  5. let the fresh compost mature for 4 weeks or use directly as soil amendment
  6. compost/soil improver is ready to use

EWA can be deployed in many market segments with organic waste treatment:

  • composting plants can expand the portfolio of processed waste
  • wastewater treatment for residual sludge sanitization
  • large animal farms and breeding farms for manure processing
  • municipal waste sorting plants and landfills for food waste and an undersize fraction of communal waste
  • AD facilities (biogas stations) for sanitization of residual biowaste
  • ZOOs for ABPR and green waste
  • Municipal Solid Waste 30% compostable
  • Municipal Sewage Solids (Biosolids)
  • Animal waste, manure
  • Agricultural Crops and Food Wastes
  • Industrial Waste
  • Logging and Wood
  • Food waste
  • Manufacturing Residues
  • Miscellaneous Organic Waste
  • Kitchen kerbside domestic collected organics
  • Catering waste including meat and fish
  • Green waste - site garden waste
  • Commercial fruit & vegetables






length: 12 192 mm

width: 2 438 mm

height: 2 896 mm

Empty container weight: 14 800 kg

Maximum weight of the full container: 32 000 kg

Working zone volume: 36 m3

Load weight: 10-17 tons

Annual processing volume / 48 hour cycle / 2 800 tons


1 ton of compost: 4,8 kWh

48 hour cycle / 17 tons: 82 kW

Calorific value of 1 kg of biofuel: 10-12 MJ







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